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High quality natural marine based product supplier, Biomer offers to cosmetic professionals a patented, tested and scientifically approved formula, following an approach of committed and thoughtful innovation. By studying marine active ingredients, and more specifically the exceptional properties of jellyfish collagen, Biomer brings concrete anti-aging results, associated with real environmental awareness and the opportunity to preserve the marine ecosystem.

BIOMER revolution


Biomer offers a unique ingredient: hydrated jellyfish collagen, on which all of its expertise and know-how are based. This can be used for all existing collagen protocols and applications and matches perfectly with human collagen. Thanks to their biocompatibility arising from the close similarity between jellyfish collagen – dating back more than 600 million years – and human skin collagen, the collagen and peptide hydrolysates produced by Biomer are used in the cosmetics industry as well as in medicine.
This jellyfish – oddity of nature – is fixed in its polyp form for asexual reproduction by budding, like coral or seaweed, and therefore absorbs minerals and stimulating properties specific to the seabed.
Of a considerable higher quality than fish collagen, the highly purified jellyfish collagen thus offers exceptional results: it is the only one to increase the synthesis of dermal collagen, offering a matrix that reinforces cell adhesion and cell regeneration functionality.

By exploring the full potential of the precious collagen in jellyfish, Biomer innovates and draws upon nature richest and most unique heritage.


Visible Results


Our exclusive ingredient provides biological and clinical proven efficiency:

  • A perfect analogy between hydrated jellyfish collagen and human skin cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts): a reactivation dermal type-I collagen production by 51% * and by 58% * of type-III promoting major cell regeneration.

    * Independent study carried out by laboratory, available on request.

    This reactivation of dermal collagen production at this performance level is completely unprecedented in the cosmetic sector.

  • Integration of plankton in the patented formula as a vector for the absorption of collagen peptides down to the base of the epidermis, see the epidermis-dermis interface associated with enrichment in Omega 3 and Omega 6 of plankton.
  • The skin of the face and neck becomes firmer and more elastic thanks to the stimulation and combination of collagen, fibrillin and elastin.

Biomer brings a valuable innovation to beauty professionals thanks to the unique properties of jellyfish collagen:

  • An active ingredient that reactivates and stimulates the dermal memory system.
  • Maximum moisturizing for smoother and healthier skin.
  • Cellular regeneration is a key element in structuring the interface between the epidermis and the dermis.


Born out of a passion for the promotion of marine resources, Biomer was created after several years of R&D and built its expertise in the cosmetic industry.

Perfect mastery

Driven by a perfect mastery of the extraction and processing of collagen, the Biomer brand adopts a transparent and responsible approach. Its high-quality products are naturally extracted, without any chemical concentration process and use very gentle refining processes without any complex chemicals.

Raw materials

Biomer is based on rigorously selected raw materials. It is supporting ethical fishing practices and follows a quality-controlled manufacturing process.

Efficient facilities

With efficient facilities and a laboratory supervised by a Professor in Marine Biology, the brand fields its underwater harvesting capacities in the Mediterranean Sea (about 4000 lbs /2 tons a day) while ensuring traceability and safety. Biomer has full control over the entire production chain without any intermediaries – from collecting jellyfish to producing 100% natural collagen – following rigorous procedures.

Our Services

Focus on customer satisfaction and availability

A passionate and committed player in skin care, as a dynamic small business, Biomer strives to meet its clients' expectations as far as possible.

Tailor-made support

Biomer defines rigorous specifications with its professional customers in the cosmetics industry and adapts its production capacity to its specific needs ... to offer a tailor-made solution.

Worldwide delivery

Thanks to its experience, Biomer ensures international delivery with traceability and security, through proper packaging and efficient logistics.


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